Application sketch: Promise Graph

What would it take to natively implement Promise Graph as an Anoma application?

Some basics:

  • Tasks (or task versions) would be represented as resources (tasks themselves would be ~ NFTs).
  • The task resource logic would enforce task states and properties
  • Planning cadences would be implemented on a team/organizational level as a kind of “shared clock”
  • We’d need a GUI to view, enter, plan, etc. tasks.

Heterogenous visibility & trust:

  • Each task - by default - is visible to the customer and performer.
  • Tasks may additionally be visible to an overarching team.
  • Task changes - by default - require consensus between the customer and performer.
  • Task changes may additionally be verified & notarized (ordered + stored on) a controller chosen at the level of an overarching team.
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Yeah, GUI for viewing would be really nice, which would give us a look at a graph, e.g., like this: