Compiler Reading Group

What is the Compiler Reading Group [CRG]

It is a reading group covering interesting literature and presentations in computer science relating to operating systems and programming languages. Some previous topics included:

  • An Efficient Implementation of Self
  • A presentation of Nock
  • A presentation on small applications in Elixir and Erlang
  • And much more

Each session is recorded and posted to the youtube channel that can be found: here.

Meeting Times

Meetings normally happen every other Monday at 10 PM TPE (4 PM CST, 10 AM EST) starting on the first week of the month.

Recently Due to time constraints they happen when announced:


If the meeting is covering a paper, then the paper is briefly went over in the meeting, with the organizer answering questions that were left open by the paper during the overview or afterwords.

if the meeting is a presentation, then it typically has the presenter presenting what they wish to everyone in the group.


If you want to suggest a paper for us to read or want to present, then simply send an email with the following information:

subject: [CRG] Suggestion


The next reading group will be on Monday August 7th at 4 PM CEST (10 AM EST)

Ray will be presenting the Eden paper. This one should be interesting for anyone who is:

  • interested in Hoon, Nock, or Urbit
  • Cryptographers who are interested in Zero Knowledge

Be sure to tune in!

Meeting Link

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The Youtube Account has been taken back, the video is now posted!

@ray did a good job presenting the Eden paper.

The video can be found here: