FHE kindergarten

What is FHE kindergarten?
It is an FHE (fully homomorphic encryption) reading group for beginners.

  • The motivation for this kindergarten is me wanting to learn more about FHE. I’m also a newbie, this is a study group without a teacher. If people who know more about FHE want to help us, it is great (please do), but let’s not count on it
  • We will not be covering general cryptography questions; a certain level of cryptography knowledge is assumed (but not required)
  • For everyone who wants to know more about FHE but doesn’t want to dig in, I’ll try to post an overview after each call. I make no promises though!

The call is tentatively scheduled for every (might change to every other) Thursday 4pm CEST, starting on August 17th. We will be using Google Meet for calls. If you want to join, DM me with your e-mail and a couple of words about yourself (to understand your background).

For each meeting there will be a forum post, there you can find the reading materials to prepare for the meeting and ask questions. Note that reading the prepared materials is required for participation in calls.

Each meeting is announced as soon as possible, latest by Monday the week of the meeting. If I don’t announce it by Monday, I cancel it for the week. The announcement will contain all the necessary information to prepare for the meeting.

Reading list
The resources for each meeting are picked from the reading list. If you have an article/paper/book/project in mind that might be interesting to look at, drop a link in the reading list post.


I think it makes sense to have 2 chapters:

  • pre-FHE/HE; HE projects
  • FHE; FHE projects

I believe it makes sense to start with pre-FHE/HE for two reasons:

  • it is a natural precursor of FHE techniques
  • it is simpler, faster, and being used. Understanding HE well might allow us to not depend on FHE to achieve privacy goals for Anoma

Looking forward to study together!


Thank you for organizing this. Looking forward to learning more about FHE.

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Hi @vveiln I am not able to DM you seems like i need to get some upper privileges by spending time with the system is there any other way i can message you for the meeting invite.

@vveiln Same here. I couldn’t send you a DM. It is not allowing me to do. Can you please add me to the weekly meetings?

To be able to send DMs, you need to have your trust level upgraded from 0 to 1. Check here to see how to do that: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels