First draft of application state encoding format

The v2 specs must include a first draft of the application state encoding format, which we should use to encode resources, data within resources, signatures, etc.

Basic requirements:

  • Mapping from algebraic data types
    • As defined in Juvix or something like Typedefs
  • Deterministic (a structure S always serializes to the same bytes B).
  • Given a type, unique (some bytes B, given a type T, always deserializes to the same structure S)
  • Merkleizable with sub-structural verification and efficient updates
    • A structure S has a canonical Merkle root M
    • Given some sub-component S' of S, S' can be verified to be part of S with cost no more than O(log(size(S))).
    • Given a change to some sub-component S' of S, the new canonical Merkle root can be computed with work at most proportional to O(size(S') + log(size(S)))
  • Reasonably compact (slight overhead is acceptable)
  • Canonical representation of any structure S as JSON (this should be easy)


SSZ option

With this option, we would use Ethereum’s well-specified SSZ format, plus:

  • a mapping from algebraic data types to SSZ, and from SSZ to algebraic data types
  • perhaps some changes (additions/deletions) to SSZ basic types
  • perhaps some changes to make the SSZ spec more abstract (e.g. parameterize out basic types, rethink some of the container/vector logic)

Discuss! :building_construction:

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