Multisignature proof-of-stake application

The v2 specs must include a simple multisignature proof-of-stake application, which we will use to manage validator sets on the decentralized testnets.

Basic requirements:

  • Validators can register and deregister
  • Validators can have associated voting weights
  • New validators must be approved by a quorum of existing validators
  • Validators can unilaterally deregister

Resource kinds:

  • A Validator resource has:
    • a consensusIdentity used in consensus
    • a operatorIdentity used to authorize operational changes
  • The Validator resource logic checks:
    • if the consensusIdentity or operatorIdentity changes, the operatorIdentity must sign
  • A ValidatorSet resource has:
    • a map of Validator references to voting weights (unsigned integers)
  • The ValidatorSet resource logic checks:
    • if a Validator reference is removed, the validator’s operator identity must sign
    • if a Validator reference is added, or the voting weight changed, a 2/3 quorum of existing validators by weight must sign

There’s also a read-only transaction to retrieve the current validator set which simply iterates over the map in ValidatorSet and normalizes the weights. This validator set can then be used by the consensus engine to produce the next block.

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What is the relationship between this application and the Anoma proof-of-stake?

Little, this is just a prototype for decentralized testnets, the Anoma proof-of-stake system will use a different design.