FHE Meeting #2: ElGamal encryption

Date: 31.08.23
Time: 4pm CEST
Reading materials:


The meeting #2 is moved to the next week, 07.09.23

A bit of clarification about how to read papers: it might feel intimidating to see that the second paper has 49 pages, but we only care about how homomorphic properties are used in the context and don’t need to read it all (also, half of a paper size is often taken by appendices). In particular, the first paper is 4 pages long and defines the primitive we are talking about this week, and the second paper describes how it can be used to achieve privacy. If you need more guidance, read the first paper (4 pages) and from the second paper read the following sections (in total less than 10 pages):

  • abstract
  • section 1 (introduction)
  • section 2 (optional; if you want more ethereum background),
  • section 3 until 3.2,
  • section 4 until ZKP definition,
  • section 8.1

Another thing is that if you can’t make it to the meeting, please let me know as soon as possible.

See you next week!

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El Gamal cheat sheet

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