Rise of the Resource Machines - Article Feedback

Please use this topic to provide feedback for this article by @vveiln. All comments welcome!

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Nice write up of the system. It’s very clear and concise. I really like the “resource” naming, seems very intuitive.

So when user intents are created, and then matched, is there a “cron-job” constantly running checking for these matches and then a block is created if there are matches?

Or is there a set timeframe where blocks will be issued no matter what and then all matched resource intents are included in the block?

Last but not least, in regard to matching: my understanding is all matching is done in parallel to find n number of matching intents. Is there some number n where this becomes unfeasible to either a) satisfy all available matches or b) include all available matches in a single block?

This systems so cool and I look forward to learning more and playing with it!