Welcome to the Anoma R&D Forum!

Who is this forum for?

This forum welcomes anyone who is researching, developing, or generally interested in any of the areas of R&D that are applicable to Anoma and beyond. Some topics include, but are not limited to, cryptography, compilers, programming language theory (PLT), distributed systems, peer-to-peer (P2P), economics, mechanism design and so on.

What can you find here?
In this forum, you can find questions, discussions, research notes and misc. formatted posts published as threads and topics in the forum. The forum welcomes anyone who is interested in posting topics, as well as engaging and participating in topics posted by others.

In alignment with the design principles of Anoma, this forum is not limited to blockchain R&D - but rather explores research and applies research from first principles with the purpose of bringing public goods and tools that solve real-world problems for humanity.

More resources
In addition to this forum, you might find these resources interesting:

General communications

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Hope y’all enjoy this Forum!


congrats with the launch of research forum. proud to be the first to drop a gm :slight_smile:


welcome there, i am a second user for your research dev forum :partying_face:

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wagmi, i hope learn more in this forum

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Happy to be here. Looking forward to learn and contribute

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I am not that late :joy:
I think we gonna make this forum a best one …
Can’t wait any longer

Hii from CirclesUBI:) hope to contribute a ton to this forum

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